Alt Sgpt0 32

  • Liver Test Showed Elevated Alt Level What Does This Mean

    Hello, Thanks for posting your query. This is a common query by most people who have taken a liver function test. I would like to clarify at the outset itself that when a liver function test is interpreted there two things to consider Symptoms and Level of liver enzymes..

  • Alt Sgpt Is The Limits Were Should I Be

    My sgpt alt is where ref. Range is , and my sgot alt is where ref. Range is what does this mean, and what are the threats? Hi I ask what the mean of sgpt alt ? Because my sgpt is My SGPT ALT level is where as the normal range for .

  • Alt Sgpt High Liver Disorders Medhelp

    I'm a yr old had my complete physical and everything was good expect my ALT SGPT is h IU L and the limits we're . My Dr. told me that is not to high therefore she is not concerned and that sometimes blood test give a false reading.When i was a child i had hepatitis, but my mom does not.

  • What Does Alt Sgpt Mean On A Blood Test And What If It Is High

    Normally ALT SGPT is found in the liver in large quantity. We can't say that this enzyme is located exclusively in the liver but it is concentrated in large quantity there. We can say that it serves as a fairly specific indicator of the status of liver..

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